A modern take on childbirth education.

Because a parent is born, too.

In-person childbirth classes are no longer an option.

You can take this virtual course whenever you want, at your own pace, in the comfort of your home

for only $49.

Some of what we’ll cover:


What happens at appointments with my OB or Midwife?

How does my body change?

Which medical terms do I need to know?


Am I in labor?!

What’s a vaginal delivery vs a c-section?

How do things change with twins or multiples?


What happens right after birth?

How do you feed your baby?

Does sex feel different?

pregnant woman woman with stroller

Preview a lesson: Intro to Breastfeeding

Watch a live view of someone actually breastfeeding their newborn.

A few of our experts

This East meets West approach includes everyone from OBGYNs to Doulas and Dietitians to Psychiatrists

Dr. Heather Irobunda

Dr. Heather Irobunda

OBGYN & Robyn Medical Director

Rachel Nicks

Rachel Nicks

Doula and Pre & Post Natal Exercise Instructor

Bethany Scott

Bethany Scott

OB Triage Labor & Delivery Nurse, Doula & Childbirth Educator


“This is the no BS, give it to you straight childbirth class I was looking for.”

“Why wasn’t this around when I had my first kid?”

“Finally a childbirth ed class that didn’t make me feel like an other as an LGBTQ+ parent.”

The only childbirth class you need to take.